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Mandika Divya

Location: Mississauga (Toronto) Ontario, Canada
Contact: 647-880-6397
Distributor: Yes
Willing to share Kangen Water for trial: Yes
Profession: Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Spa Director, Past Life Regression Therapist, Psychic Card Reader, Wellness & Editor
Sports/Hobbies: Dancing, Vegan Cooking, Networking, Traveling, Hosting Shamanic Ceremonies
Why Kangen?: Kangen Alkaline Water has changed my life after consciously asking the Universe for the best source of water available. It's help me shed over to 30lbs in body weight and helped me make huge food choice changes by simply changing the chemistry of my body and it's cravings. I feel immensely hydrated and love what it has done for my skin. Kangen water has helped me become more aware of my purpose and has help create an even higher frequency around my auric field while replenishing my body, mind, heart n soul. Life without Kangen water is not an option for me! :)

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