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Welcome to Kangen Water ®

Kangen Water® is water that is refreshing to drink created from an innovative water technology. The Kangen Water® device filters your tap water while offering ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. This type of water is great for many uses, such as drinking, cooking, health and beauty. Tap water, although healthier than soft drinks, are still found to have over 315 pollutants with many of these pollutants not recognizable and unregulated. At the levels currently in place, people are starting to question the quality that they are getting with tap water and are not sure if it is safe enough to drink.

Benefits to Kangen Water ®:

Healthful Hydration and Drinkability

Encourages Longevity

Aids in detoxifying your body

Supports the wellness of bodily organs

Eight years ago I met a magical man who introduced me to magical water. This man and this water changed the course of my life and health forever!

Tiffany Pratt

Designer - Stylist - Author - Creative - TV

Lamont is a force of nature and I cannot praise the work he does highly enough! He is devoted to raising the vibration of this entire planet!

Siobhan Gray

Teacher - Vegan - Health Enthusiast

I’ve known Lamont for 10+ years. And the very first moment we met he was sincere, professional and passionate about drinking alkaline, anti-oxidant water!

Amanda Hamer

Chef Extraordinaire

Independent Distributors of Awesomeness

Lamont Daigle - Owner of Kangen Water Toronto (8 years), Founder of Mentra World Service Corporation

Lamont Daigle

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Helen Voong - Homeopath, Reiki Healer, Back Alignment Therapy

Helen Voong

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Tennyson Loeh-Park - Actor, sales team coordinator at Strategic Coach

Tennyson Loeh-Park

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Leah Parial - Mother, Nurse, Student, Financial Services Administrator, Mortgage Broker in-training

Leah Parial

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Mandika Divya - Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Spa Director, Past Life Regression Therapist, Psychic Card Reader, Wellness & Editor

Mandika Divya

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