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Tiffany Pratt

Designer - Stylist - Author - Creative - TV

Eight years ago I met a magical man who introduced me to magical water. This man and this water changed the course of my life and health forever... A few days ago after being without the magic water for a month during my kitchen renovation, this magic man and his water brought me back to life and I was reminded once more what an effect and presence this hydration had on my life. With a dedication to source and the essence of all life, I get behind, indulge, drink and hydrate my life with alkaline water and truly alkaline people. Forever grateful to Lamont and this Ionized Water!

Siobhan Gray

Teacher - Vegan - Health Enthusiast

Lamont is a force of nature and I cannot praise the work he does highly enough! He is devoted to raising the vibration of this entire planet by promoting alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized water, his Mentra program and by being an all round stellar human being. I was skeptical when I first heard about alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized water and told Lamont that I was not interested..that all changed when he politely asked me to try it first...I drank a glass of the ionized water attempting to silence him for once and for all.... but I became a believer instead. Lamont allowed me to continue drinking the ionized water free of charge for months. I routinely showed up at his home to fill up jugs thanks to his patience and understanding. Eventually I did buy my own ionizer technology and have never looked at my health the same way since.

What makes me so happy is that ionized water has improved not only my own health but also that of my family and loved ones.... even my dog drinks the water! The most noticeable health improvement is my skin and digestion. By staying hydrated and washing with beauty water my skin us flawless. My digestion is something I have struggled with my entire life... stomach troubles and acid reflux have stopped. I now have a pH balanced digestion and no longer suffer. I also sleep better and get fewer headaches. I take ionized water with me everywhere.... I never think of leaving the house without bringing some with me. It has changed my life! I am proud to say Lamont has become a friend. He continues to offer tech support and does home visits if my machine acts up. I support all his efforts to make the world a better place... and am thankful for the gift of his friendship.


Chef Extraordinaire

I’ve known Lamont for 10+ years. And the very first moment we met he was sincere, professional and passionate about drinking alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized water. Throughout the years Lamont has been a dear friend and has educated me on the benefits of drinking alkaline water, eating organic and eating to fuel the soul...Lamont has also taking the time out of his busy schedule and has taught me how to meditate, and the importance of saging, it was because of him that I learned that staying connected to a high power can help you grow as a person. Lamont is always willing to share his wisdom about spirituality, health and what he would like to do for others as a way of giving back to the world. Lamont is an advocate father to his young daughter.

He is a very involved father, and I have no doubt that she has been planted with the seed of creativeness, brilliance and achievement. Lamont is a very polished, well dressed and reliable human being. He looks the part, talks the part and you can feel his authenticity. His dedication to helping broken spirited people find and unleash the warrior within them shows how compassionate he really is. Lamont sincerely wants people to succeed in life. He has helped me succeed on my journey in life. He has opened my perspective and has introduced me to like minded people, such as himself. He has helped shape the way I view the world. Lamont and I come from totally different backgrounds. But that has not stopped him from wanting to help me better myself. I smile from the heart as I write this, and I remember how transparent he was with me the first time we met, and he still is the same way to this day. With Love, Peace and Humbleness, Amanda Hamer.

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